Jane Brighton - Fine Artist



I am interested in the concepts of time and memory as portrayed in the abstract idiom of painting and my paintings express the memory of landscape [and particularly the light in landscape] and the processes of time.

The fragmentation of images and part images and their juxtaposition of clarity and obscurity echo our experiences of memory and time. The conflict between surface painting, as shown in the intimate brushstroke, and the portrayal of distance, sets up a dialogue that echoes the phenomena of memory in the juxtaposition of the past with the present. {Proust in 'In Search of Lost Time' recounts how the immediate sensation of tasting a 'madeleine' biscuit conjures up early graphic memories of his home: 'like a Japanese paper flower unfolding in a glass of water.'} The different layering of paint reflects the different processes over time in the making of the painting.

I have been inspired by the paintings of Turner, Hoffman, Hodgkin, Ayres and Kitaj, and continually by the beauty of the English landscape and by poetry and music.

I hope to leave space in the painting for the viewer to make his/her own connections, to participate in its creation. Above all, in contrast to the bombardment on our senses from much of modern art, I seek to enable the experience of the 'Slow Gaze' {a phrase coined by Robert Hughes in 'The Shock of the New'} in the viewer — a period of contemplation and stillness, of the different experience of consciousness that art can provide.

My paintings originate from my perception of the changing moods of the landscape. Sudden light can magically transform the landscape and it is this transience that my paintings portray. I hope to communicate some of the richness, diversity and consolation found in contemplation of nature.

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